Truly Immersive Learning.

Capture the attention of your pupils with amazingly immersive learning experiences for KS1 & KS2!

Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
360 Video

Flexible, Accessible, Immersive.

The Seymour & Lerhn immersive learning platform hosts a huge library of interactive resources for teaching including VR, AR and 360 videos – and runs on almost any device through your usual browser.

There are no apps to install and no tech skills required. Simply log in to the user friendly platform, choose your interactive experience, and start exploring in full 360 – a bit like Google Street View.

With My Classroom lesson sharing, you can transport your pupils to the First World War trenches, bring dinosaurs into the classroom, or turn your playground into the landing site of the Apollo 11 lunar lander – all at the click of a button!

Graphic of Seymour & Lerhn running on multiple devices in the classroom.

Explore in 360

Swipe, drag, tap.

Seymour & Lerhn virtual tours are super easy to use, and packed full of interactive extras like videos, object viewers, and fun quizzes.

They’re cross curricular and include teaching resources so you can bring immersive learning to your classroom with just a couple of clicks.

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Multisensory……not VAK

Multisensory doesn’t mean learning in your preferred style, often known as VAK (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) which has now been widely discredited. Multisensory learning is exactly what it sounds like – learning through the activation of multiple senses. 

Learning happens best when children are able to experience the same concepts in different ways and at different times. 
Understanding is deeper and more flexible as children have multiple sources to draw upon. 

Seymour & Lerhn brings multisensory learning to life with a variety of sources;


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Discover a new level of engagement.

“I can not really put into words just how wonderful it was to see their reactions.”


‘My children absolutely loved it and I can honestly say it is the first time I have had all of their attention in a group gathering.

They all either wanted a turn to touch the screen or were transfixed watching what was happening. They got very excited at being ‘teleport-ed’ into the picture and wanted to go even further (through the window in the painting). Also individuals were trying so hard to read out what was written on the display.

I can not really put into words just how wonderful it was to see their reactions.’


Ms Hillier, Assistant Headteacher
Step into Paintings on Interactive Whiteboard

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