Educational Virtual Reality.
Without all the hassle.

Imagine being able to access a huge library of immersive virtual tours without buying expensive new hardware…


 Got a tablet, phone or PC?


Well then you already have everything you need to get started with Seymour & Lerhn educational virtual reality! 

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Not sure? Try it for yourself…

Use your finger, mouse or spin around the see just how simple the tours are to use. 

Educational virtual reality tours are accessible on almost any device, from Smartphones to SmartBoards. The system is fully compatible with the Google Cardboard!


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What makes Seymour & Lerhn different?

The (Virtual) Reality…

You’ve heard about the benefits of VR, the immersive experiences and the excitement value.


But it can be expensive to invest in VR headsets, powerful hardware to run the headsets, and on top of that, you haven’t got enough headsets for everyone!


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So what’s the solution?

Seymour & Lerhn.


Use your existing devices to log into the website, where you will find a huge library of immersive and education virtual tours ready and waiting. No need to buy VR headsets or additional hardware; the system works on almost any internet enabled device, from SmartBoards right down to smartphones. Drop your phone into a Google Cardboard headset for an individual experience, or plug your laptop into a projector to share with a large group. 


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