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Introducing VR & AR doesn’t need to be complicated or cost the earth.

Discover the hassle free way to introduce immersive virtual experiences to your school, museum, outreach and industry services.

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No need to blow your yearly budget on VR headsets… Our immersive experiences are accessible on virtually any device, from Smartphones to Smartboards.

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 You probably already know about the benefits of VR, the immersive experiences and the excitement value. (If not, check out our beginners guide to VR!)

We believe you’re never too young or too old to get excited about learning. From Early Years to museum exhibitions, we deliver exceptional virtual tours to engage, immerse and, most importantly, educate. 

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Our unique system works with almost any internet enabled device, giving you the freedom to pick the best delivery method for you. Don’t fancy VR headsets? No problem, our tours can be used on PCs, tablets or touchscreen displays.

Schools can register for our low cost subscription service, providing access to our virtual tours as well as lesson guides and teaching resources for teachers. Museums have the choice of a subscription package for temporary exhibitions, right up to a fully bespoke installation. 

We offer a range of products and services to suit your requirements. Why not try a virtual tour for free or get in touch and discover how we can help you!

  • "... a fantastic resource"

    ‘It really is a fantastic resource for students learning about conditions in the war and in the trenches – especially for somewhere like Australia where these events are somewhat removed from us.’

    Head of Library
  • "It is amazing!"

    ‘First, I would like to say that it is amazing! I really liked how realistic it was. I felt like I was actually there. I really enjoyed my experience on it.’

    Year 7
  • "I can not really put into words just how wonderful it was to see their reactions."

    ‘My learners absolutely loved it and I can honestly say it is the first time I have had all of their attention in a group gathering.

    They all either wanted a turn to touch the screen or were transfixed watching what was happening. They got very excited at being ‘teleport-ed’ into the picture and wanted to go even further (through the window in the painting). Also individuals were trying so hard to read out what was written on the display. 

    I can not really put into words just how wonderful it was to see their reactions.’

    Assistant Headteacher
  • "It felt like I was in the trenches..."

    ‘It felt like I was in the trenches and not in my classroom where I was. I had no idea what it was like before but now I do I must have been so scary there.’

    Year 7
  • "I now feel more sympathetic."

    ‘After the experience, I now feel more sympathetic for the soldiers who had to survive in the trenches for days on end.’

    Year 7
  • "It was one of the best experiences I have ever had."

    ‘It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I was really excited to try it because I have never used [a Google Cardboard headset] before.’

    Year 7

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VR & AR for Schools

VR & AR for Schools

Bring VR & AR into your classroom the easy way with a subscription to the Seymour & Lerhn education platform for schools.

We know that schools don’t always have the budgets for expensive equipment, which is why we’ve developed a system to work with what you already have.

Interactive whiteboard, laptop, tablet or mobile phone? If you’ve got an internet connection, then you’re good to go!

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