Who are Seymour & Lerhn?

Seymour & Lerhn is an educational platform developed by Oasis Studio, an interactive digital media company specialising in immersive and engaging technology systems for multiple sectors.

At Oasis Studio, we believe introducing VR & AR doesn’t need to be complicated or cost the earth.
Everyone deserves to have access to engaging, immersive and stimulating educational tech; whether learning in the classroom or exploring a museum.

In 2016 we decided to solve this problem with Seymour & Lerhn. We built a platform and a library of immersive, educational content with a simple and affordable subscription. Our unique ‘just add wifi’ system delivers high quality VR, AR and 360 experiences through hardware you already own – no expensive VR headsets required!

The Seymour & Lerhn eLearning platform officially launched in January 2020.

Our Mission…

To provide engaging, immersive and affordable educational tech for children and adults alike.

Our People…

We are a crack team of creatives, designers and coders specialising in creating immersive digital solutions across multiple sectors.

Our Chesterfield HQ is where the small-but-mighty team creates almost everything in-house (including oxygen from our plant-wall…) which is how we keep our price so low – efficiency and consistency.

About the team section coming soon!

Paul orange

Paul Deakin

Paul is founder, owner and director of Oasis Studio. 


Charlie Power
Head Honcho

Charlie is the first port of call for all things Seymour & Lerhn.