Internal Promotion at Oasis Studio: Charlie Power

To coincide with the continued growth plan at Oasis Studio, we are delighted to announce that a key team member have been awarded an internal promotion.

Humble beginnings

Charlie Power, Associate of Oasis Studio / Head Honcho of Seymour & Lerhn discusses her route to becoming a key figure in one of the UK’s most exciting, growing businesses:

“I graduated from Leeds Beckett University in 2013 to become a Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation and SFX. My favourite part of this was the creative re-imagining, for example recreating historic events or creating things which could never happen in real life (or a combination of the two!).

Charlie Power: The Head Honcho of Seymour & Lerhn
She’s got the power: Seymour & Lerhn Head Honcho Charlie Power looking chuffed with her new role

I joined Oasis Studio in December 2014 as a Creative Visualiser for EyeSiteView (now led by Associate Director Tony Buck, learn more about Tony’s journey here), which was very much in it’s infancy back then. I was brought in as a creative mind, as Oasis Studio was transitioning from an architectural-based service, to offer more creative solutions for our clients. There were only 4 of us when I started, so to witness and experience the growth of the studio has been amazing.”

The birth of Seymour & Lerhn

Seymour & Lerhn (also known as Charlie’s baby) introduces AR & VR to the educational world, offering virtual experiences to museums and schools.

“Creating Seymour & Lerhn has always been a dream for me. I grew up with a teacher for a mother so I always knew I wanted to be involved in education in one way or another, and being part of the change in education technology within the classroom has made my dream a reality.

It’s something that’s been in the pipeline for a while now, and I can’t wait for the launch in September. It’s what my life’s been building up to for the past few years and I’m so excited to show the world what Seymour & Lerhn has to offer.

Charlie and Jay brainstorming a new virtual tour
Charlie brainstorming ideas with new recruit Jay

Charlie’s Vision

We aim to make learning as fun, immersive, and interactive as possible. Our research suggests delivering a multi-sensory experience is key to achieving this, and so our young friends retain information better! Therefore, our virtual tours combine visuals, audio and text to offer the best experience possible.

Making this service available for tight budgets was also something at the forefront of it’s creation. We don’t want any child to miss out on the chance to experience engaging educational content, so we made our system available to work with a range of devices, such as mobile, PC, tablet and SmartBoard. This has allowed us to provide access to our educational platform at an extremely low cost and without the need for new hardware – removing many of the barriers schools face in introducing EdTech.”

We don't want any child to miss out on the chance to experience engaging educational content

What the boss had to say…

Oasis Studio Director, Paul Deakin, commented on the promotion of Charlie:

“Charlie’s creativity, charisma, and energy is an asset to Oasis Studio. Her promotion to Associate is well deserved after years of hard work, however she prefers to be known as the Head Honcho of Seymour & Lerhn, which highlights the fun, out-of-the-box attitude she brings to the Oasis Studio table.”

The future of Seymour & Lerhn is bright.

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