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Seymour & Lerhn is an interactive eLearning platform providing low-cost, immersive and educational 360, VR and Augmented Reality experiences on a simple yearly subscription. No need to invest in costly new hardware, we’ve developed the system to work with the hardware you already own.

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Using Seymour & Lerhn in the Classroom

Seymour & Lerhn is a low cost eLearning platform, allowing teachers to introduce a cloud-based VR education platform to the classroom without needing to buy additional hardware or devices.

The simple web-based platform allows pupils to explore curriculum aligned content in full 360, allowing them to visit the WW1 trenches, sink to the bottom of the ocean or fly to the Moon; all on the school hardware you already own. Although compatible with low-cost VR headsets such as the Google Cardboard or Homido Grab, the platform is built with accessibility in mind, enabling teachers to cater for the specific needs of each pupil with both individual and shared experiences to suit the lesson requirements and desired curriculum outcomes. 

Looking for ideas on how to introduce VR into your classroom?

Included in the subscription package is a library of teacher-written teaching resources, giving you the freedom to create your own lessons and activities, or simply choose from one of the ready-made lesson plans and activity sets. The teaching resources build upon the VR experiences across multiple subjects, with fun and creative activities to ensure pupils remain engaged and excited by the topic at hand. 

We can’t afford VR in our school…

A yearly subscription to Seymour & Lerhn costs just £399 and covers you for up to 600 pupils and staff. For the average primary school, that’s just £1.42 per pupil per year! 

There is no need to save up for VR headsets, simply grab your iPads, laptops, interactive whiteboards or Chromebooks, log in, and start exploring!


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