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Subscribing to Seymour & Lerhn grants access to a huge library of National Curriculum aligned virtual tours covering a wide array of topics. Go on a group excursion to the WW1 trenches, or shrink down to microscopic size and sit alongside a dust mite. 

Make your life easier with online teaching resources, lesson plans and activity worksheets customised for each Key Stage to extend learning beyond the VR experience.

Built for Curious Minds


Looking for a way to make your lessons more interesting? Discover a library of unique teaching resources, combining VR, AR and 360 virtual tours in the real world and beyond! 

Research has shown that knowledge is retained better with multi-sensory processing. By giving pupils the chance to explore virtual worlds, they can completely immerse themselves in the experience and engage multiple senses for optimum learning. 

Children now grow up surrounded by technology. VR education is a fantastic way to combine technology with the curriculum, taking learning beyond the classroom.



  • "... a fantastic resource"

    ‘It really is a fantastic resource for students learning about conditions in the war and in the trenches – especially for somewhere like Australia where these events are somewhat removed from us.’

    Head of Library
  • "It is amazing!"

    ‘First, I would like to say that it is amazing! I really liked how realistic it was. I felt like I was actually there. I really enjoyed my experience on it.’

    Year 7
  • "I can not really put into words just how wonderful it was to see their reactions."

    ‘My learners absolutely loved it and I can honestly say it is the first time I have had all of their attention in a group gathering.

    They all either wanted a turn to touch the screen or were transfixed watching what was happening. They got very excited at being ‘teleport-ed’ into the picture and wanted to go even further (through the window in the painting). Also individuals were trying so hard to read out what was written on the display. 

    I can not really put into words just how wonderful it was to see their reactions.’

    Assistant Headteacher
  • "It felt like I was in the trenches..."

    ‘It felt like I was in the trenches and not in my classroom where I was. I had no idea what it was like before but now I do I must have been so scary there.’

    Year 7
  • "I now feel more sympathetic."

    ‘After the experience, I now feel more sympathetic for the soldiers who had to survive in the trenches for days on end.’

    Year 7
  • "It was one of the best experiences I have ever had."

    ‘It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I was really excited to try it because I have never used [a Google Cardboard headset] before.’

    Year 7

What makes Seymour & Lerhn different to other VR & AR providers?

The (Virtual) Reality…

 You probably already know about the benefits of VR for schools, the immersive experiences and the excitement value. (If not, check out our beginners guide to VR education!)

But it can be expensive to invest in VR headsets, powerful hardware to run the headsets, and on top of that, you haven’t got enough headsets for everyone!



So what’s the alternative?

Use your existing devices to log into the Seymour & Lerhn website where you will find a huge library of immersive and education virtual tours ready and waiting. No need to buy VR headsets or additional hardware; the system works on almost any internet enabled device, from SmartBoards right down to smartphones. Drop your phone into a Google Cardboard headset for an individual experience, or plug your laptop into a projector to share with a large group.


No need to invest in expensive hardware. With multi-platform access, schools can access content from a variety of devices to suit your current setup. 

  • tv
  • vr
  • tablet
  • smartphone
  • smartboard
  • laptop
  • headphones

Ready To Go?

Start your learning journey today!


A Primary Subscription unlocks a year’s worth of educational content, immersive experiences and teaching resources designed for KS1 & KS2. 

£399.00 per year


Discover educational content and immersive experiences for EYFS. Suitable for nurseries, playgroups and pre-schools with no VR headsets required!

£299.00 per year

Looking for creative and educational ways to keep the kids occupied after school?
Try Lerhn at Home and discover a world of immersive content ready to use on your home PC, tablet or smartphone!