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Seymour & Lerhn’s

Founding 50

Are you part of a pioneering school…?


We’re inviting schools to apply for a place on our Founding 50 programme.
The programme gives successful schools a year’s free access to all Seymour & Lerhn content – that’s unlimited access to countless virtual experiences and classroom VR!! 


Read on to find out more or click here to apply. Good luck!


ipad with virtual content


What is it?


We’re glad you asked! Seymour & Lerhn provides a library of curriculum-aligned virtual reality content, focusing on making learning fun and interactive.
Core subjects are covered, as well as art, languages, geography and even sensory.
Pick your subject and off you go! Take a walk around the streets of Venice, explore Pompeii before Mount Vesuvius erupted, travel through the digestive system or teleport yourself into famous paintings by the likes of Dali and Van Gogh. 

How does it work?


Classroom VR is synonymous with ideas of expensive headsets and tricky software.
So what makes us different? Well, our content is developed to work with the technology you already have. The Seymour & Lerhn system is a web-based educational platform which requires nothing more than an internet enabled device and a wifi connection.  Interactive whiteboard? Great! Laptop? Off you go! Tablet? Perfect… Seymour & Lerhn tours work on almost any device with an internet connection, meaning you can explore our content in groups for shared learning or individually. More importantly, it means you don’t need to blow the entire yearly budget to bring immersive experiences to the classroom!
Each tour comes with learning objectives and teaching guides, keeping learning focused and on track, and making life just a little bit easier for teachers!


Can any school apply?


We currently offer UK National Curriculum aligned virtual reality content for primary schools, with plans to expand in 2019. 
Our Founding 50 programme is open to applicants from any school, wherever you are in the world.

What’s the catch?


All we ask in exchange for a year’s free immersive learning content is honest feedback on how we can improve our service.
We want schools to get as much as they can out of our classroom VR and virtual tours, so feedback from our proactive pioneering schools on ways to improve and develop the content is key to ensuring we continue to provide the best service possible!
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How do I apply?


Just tell us in (approximately) 200 words why your school deserves one of our year-long subscriptions… Simple!