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What is it…?


The Rainbow Gallery: A Community Art Project

Explore the world’s BIGGEST socially distanced art gallery!

What’s different about it?
Well, aside from the fact it’s online and totally Social Distancing approved – it’s also special because it’s made up of all of the artwork created by children (and grown-ups!) to show our support for the NHS and Key Workers. With colourful paintings, sculptures and even poetry, there’s something for everyone.

Why have we made this?
At Seymour & Lerhn, we create super immersive 360 virtual tours to make learning as fun as it should be! 
Due to the lockdown, our little ‘clients’ are either at home or in very empty schools. It’s tough for everybody, but even through the darkest times, creativity still shines through. Rainbows, bears and colourful paintings are peeping out from windows up and down the country, brightening even the gloomiest of days! 

We’re helping to spread the hope even further by bringing all of the artwork together in a virtual art gallery for everyone to enjoy!

So please, take a look around, share with your friends and family, and upload your own art!

Click to explore the amazing and uplifting artwork displayed in windows up and down the country!

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