Home school ideas for parents and teachers

Over the years, I’ve been a primary school teacher, EdTech collaborator (for Seymour & Lerhn), and now home school teacher for my children.

I think it’s fair to say I’ve had quite a bit of experience of using tools and technology, to create home school ideas for parents and teachers to make the most of!

I thought I’d create a blog to share with you, and suggest some activities you can do at home with your children, during this time of teaching at home.

All the apps and software I will discuss are all free to use at the moment, so make the most of them! (This includes the Seymour & Lerhn eLearning platform, which is free until the 15th of May!)

Many businesses have generously lent their support to teachers and parents to help keep education going during the Coronavirus outbreak, so I’m sure I speak for the rest of the educational community when thanking these businesses for helping us to get through this.

So without further ado, here are some home school ideas for parents and teachers to make the most of.

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Home school idea 1: Great Fire of London

My daughter has been learning about the Great Fire of London at school, so we did a home learning activity based around this topic!

Home school ideas: Seymour & Lerhn-ing at home!
Seymour & Lerhn-ing at home!

First, we went on to Seymour & Lerhn and took a walk down Pudding lane.

We then logged on to Purple Mash (my child already has a school account, but this is now free for everybody) and used ‘2Animate’ to create our own animation of the Great Fire of London.

Our Great Fire of London Animation!

Home school idea 2: Material hunt

After learning about materials at school, I decided my daughter should go on a material hunt around our house!

Firstly, I used the Seymour & Lerhn ‘Materials’ virtual tour to find different materials in the virtual house.

Then using Seesaw, I created 4 pages for my daughter to go on a material hunt around our home!

Her challenge was to find 5 objects made of wood, material and glass…

Home school ideas: The wood in my house!
The wood in my house!

… and she did!

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Home school idea 3: Let’s go live with Maddie & Greg

Maddie & Greg have been uploading free daily lessons for children to do at home from their YouTube channel, so we’ve started to make use of them! I’d highly recommend them to parent’s who are currently homeschooling their children.

After watching our free daily lesson, we went into the garden to do our very own minibeast spotting and photography.

We found bees, woodlice, worms, and a range of small beetles (which we weren’t sure of exactly what they were!)

Minibeast spotting
Minibeast spotting

After we finished outside, we went on the Seymour & Lerhn animal habitats virtual tour, and had a look inside an ants nest!

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Home school idea 4: Our home zoo!

We started this home school lesson by watching the Seymour & Lerhn Emperor Pengiun YouTube video, and found out where Emperor Penguins live, why they like the cold, how they’ve adapted to living in cold climates.

We then decided to invite an emperor penguin into our house, using only the Google search app.

We had so much fun we then invited lots of other animals. We even got a carrot to feed the shetland pony!

Home school idea: Google search app
Google search app fun!

Simply download the Google search app on your device and search for animals such as a panda, emperor penguin or tiger, and scroll down to the 3D image section.

Then sit back, and watch your children be amazed by having full-sized animals in their home!

Google search app
A 3D shetland pony!

Home school idea 5: The alphabet hunt!

Why not start the day with a challenge?!

A quick idea I had was to set my daughters the task of collecting objects from around the house!

There is also a fun rule to add to this game…

26 items and the list!
The items and the list!

…every object must fit on one plate!

That’s 26 objects from around the house, each object starting with a different letter, all fitting onto one plate.

Quite the challenge!

Grandparents list
Even Grandma & Grandad had a go!

Home school idea 6: Mind and body

Its important to keep on top of your mental and physical well-being whilst we’re all stuck inside our own homes.

The same applies to our children – they’ve suddenly gone from running around school every day, burning their energy in the playground, to the seclusion of their own home.

Something for the body:

You can’t go wrong a with fun, family yoga session with Princess Poppy from Trolls!

Cosmic Yoga for kids is a great way to introduce mindfulness and relaxation to our children.

Its also fun for all the family to get involved!

Something for the mind:

Is there a better way to relax than have a story read to you?

I’m not sure there is – which is why I sat my 2 daughters down with the Seymour & Lerhn Jack and the Beanstalk Virtual Tour.

The girls loved exploring the different locations, and at one point my youngest was even scanning our living room for the giant!

You could also check out the YouTube version of the tour too:

Home school idea 7: Finger painting

We first used the Seymour & Lerhn ‘step into paintings’ page and selected the Matisse virtual tour for inspiration for our own artwork.

After much consideration, we decided to create a fingerprint tree!

I told my girls that some famous artists actually make all their paintings using dots – so we decided to create a dotted fingerprint tree ourselves.

Tree finger painting
What’d you think to our tree?

This activity is easily done at home, and is the perfect example of using interactive technology to inspire creativity.

Home school idea 8: Explore the world from home!

I decided to get my nieces involved for this activity (remotely, of course!) and visit the continents of the world.

We may be in lockdown, but it will soon the school holidays, and I thought it would be great to do some exploring!

Teaching from home: Balloons
Have a go at creating your own world: All you need is a marker pen and a balloon

They started by drawing the continents onto a balloon to visualise what the world looks like.

Then, thanks to the Seymour and Lerhn geography resources they visited London, Amsterdam, Pompei and many more!

Example of geography resources
Some of the fantastic geography resources available on Seymour & Lerhn!

Home school idea 9: Day at the beach

Why not visit the beach during the school holidays? (With a little help from technology and imagination of course!)

Use the Seymour & Lerhn coasts virtual tour to create a beach experience for your children, and enjoy a day in.

My daughter put on her new swimming costume and had a splash around in the sea.

Our home-made day at the beach!
Our home-made day at the beach!

Luckily – we also have some ice cream left in the freezer for after!

The great thing was when we got ‘bored’ on one beach, we then moved to the next one.

Try the S&L relaxation YouTube video for a calming beach experience!

Home school idea 10: Seasons

For this activity we looked at the seasonal changes virtual tour.

We then thought about our favourite activities to do in each season, before creating a little game for my daughter’s grandparents to guess which season we were recreating!

Guess the season
Can you guess the season?

Home school idea 11: Story telling

My daughter loves telling stories, so we started to work on our own story.

We had a look at the different settings available on the ‘settings and story planning’ tour and we chose the forest.

The Virtual Forest Tour
Check out the virtual forest!

We enabled gyro and turned the sound up to get a truly immersive experience!

My daughter was so excited to explore the forest. We even used the attached worksheet to use our senses to describe the setting.

Take a look at how the tour effected our senses

Home school idea 12: Art!

We had a go at a virtual art activity.

We stepped into the bedroom and had a good look around – we even commented on how tidy it was!

We then used the activity sheet to create our own picture, and decided to use the black and white version as then we could colour it in.

Coloured in
The colouring is starting to take shape!

Home school idea 13: Green screen

This activity does require a green screen, however, if you’re lucky enough to have one lying around the house then this activity is perfect for you.

Art at home

After watching any of the Seymour & Lerhn YouTube videos, or doing one the activities available on the platform, you could draw a picture about what you’ve learned and use a green screen to share your knowledge!

If you haven’t got a green screen, then it’s fun to just practise your art and recreate a scene.

Green screen art

Also, if you create any art that celebrates key workers across the UK, feel free to upload it to our Rainbow Gallery!

Keep your eyes peeled!

I’ll be updating this page daily to keep you informed of what I’m doing to homeschool my two little ones.

Make sure you keep checking in to get new ideas for your own children or pupils!

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