Reboot: Why we need to act now on the war against tech waste

The war against tech waste is on.

This year, the amount of e-waste generated globally is expected to reach 50m tonnes.

Currently, 45% of UK waste electrical goods are recycled, with 80% of it going overseas.

By 2020, at least 85% will have to be recycled, however this could change post-Brexit.

Yet here we are, preaching the benefits of technology as a learning resource.

Waste not, want not

The beauty of Seymour & Lerhn, is it’s developed to work with the technology you already have, meaning there’s no need to invest in extra hardware that will ultimately add to the landfill issue.

We’re an eco-conscious company and make efforts to reduce our impact, where possible, including measures such as switching to recycled paper, recycling batteries and using low-energy lighting throughout the office.

We also invested in reusable steel bottles and signed a pledge to end our use of plastic bottles last year.

How can I be more tech-mindful?

Working at a school? Chances are you’re already using laptops or tablets in the classroom, or have an interactive whiteboard installed. They’re perfect for accessing our library of content, which is constantly updated to suit each age range.

Wanting a more immersive experience? No problem! Cardboard VR viewers can be picked up for less than £5; simply pop your phone inside and you’re ready to go.

How about museums and heritage attractions?

The majority of visitors will likely already have their phones out, snapping memories and sharing their day.

Boost their experience by making more of your attractions and exhibitions.

Priceless artefacts on display? Visitors can hold a virtual version in the palm of their hand.

Remains of a period building? Step back in time and see how it used to look, as the landscape around you changes.

Chicken-keeper, Charlie, who’s Seymour & Lerhn’s Lead Creative Visualiser says: “We like to make sure our personal values reflect in our work, which is why we’ve created a zero-waste, multi-purpose platform for our educational content.

“We reuse as much as we can at Seymour & Lerhn, including saving fruit peel for my chickens and hope that our environmental efforts can trickle down into the services we provide.”

How green is your gadget?

Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics provides an analysis of what 17 of the world’s leading consumer electronics companies are doing to address their environmental impacts.