Using tech to support SEND students

Technology is deeply embedded in the future of the education system, in the UK and around the world. 91% of school administrators say effective use of EdTech is critical to their mission of high student achievement, however at the same time support for children with special educational needs ‘in crisis’. In order to counter this, we believe that using tech to support SEND learners can help.

SEND stands for special educational needs and disability, and technology can assist the support which learners receive in numerous ways:

Physical barriers to access

Physical barriers include all things related to obstructing access for getting to a classroom for SEND students.

Examples of ways that schools can improve their access for SEND learners include having automatic doors, electric wheelchairs and lifts available. This allows learners to overcome barriers to learning and gaining access to the education they require to develop their learning.

EdTech for SEND engagement

Realising the potential of technology in education

How tech is revolutionising education for SEND students

Tech to support SEND students in education

Using assistive technology to give SEND learners independence