5 online teaching resources to spice up September

Looking for the top online teaching resources?

Are you an NQT searching for a way to put your stamp on the way education is delivered? Do you wish to incorporate educational technology into your lessons?

Then you’re in the right place.

We understand that teaching doesn’t stop at the school gates. Hours of preparation, planning and marking are put into every lesson, meaning you need the absolute best resources available to assist you in delivering your lessons.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top online teaching resources available to spice up your lessons and make life easier this September. Ready?


The top online teaching resources: Tes

Tes is an online teaching resource allowing you to download and print worksheets.

On offer are both paid and free worksheets, suiting the budget of any teacher or school.

With over 1 million worksheets available to cater for early years, primary, secondary and SEND learners, TES offers an excellent range of high-quality resources, with all made for teachers, by teachers.

Tes is also perfect for finding a new job in teaching and conducting courses to help with your teaching – so it’s more than just of the top online teaching resources!


The top online teaching resources: YouTube
The top online teaching resources: YouTube

400 hours of video are uploaded every minute. 1 billion hours of videos are watched per day. 81% of parents use YouTube to find educational content for their children.

So why don’t schools hop on the trend?

YouTube offers a range of educational content, including videos which make use of YouTube’s 360° video capability.

You can now experience a volcanic eruption, the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, and the trenches in World War 1 in an immersive 360° video!

YouTube also allows users to view 360° video’s in virtual reality with Google Cardboard, as well as launching a VR app for Oculus VR products.

Your pupils will all love to watch YouTube videos, and we can guarantee they will all be engaged as soon as they see the red logo appear on your interactive whiteboard. It’s a fantastic tool in a teachers arsenal to educate children in an easy and different way to usual.


The top online teaching resources: Twinkl
The top online teaching resources: Twinkl

Twinkl provides teacher-created resources to provide lesson planning, worksheets and assessments for teachers to use.

Over 525,000 resources have been created so far, meaning that there are choices in abundance for you to decide which to use in your lessons.

With all resources are tailored to the UK curriculum, Twinkl is truly one of the top online teaching resources around.

Teachers Pay Teachers

The top online teaching resources: Teachers pay teachers
The top online teaching resources: Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is a resource available for educators to find the resources, knowledge, and inspiration they need to teach at their best.

Over 3 million resources have been created by educators, so the resources available have been made by people who understand what works in a classroom.

Despite their name, Teachers Pay Teachers offer both paid and free resources, meaning whatever your budget, they’ll be able to cater to your needs.

Seymour & Lerhn

Seymour & Lerhn: Educational VR
The top online teaching resources: Seymour & Lerhn

Step back in time and view how our ancestors lived, shrink down to the size of dust mite and visit their microscopic hiding places, or curl up and explore a narrated fairytale story in 360!

With a library of UK curriculum-based educational 360 experiences for school children, Seymour & Lerhn is one of the top online teaching resources available.

Teachers can deliver VR, AR and 360 experiences through hardware schools already own (such as laptops, tablets and smartboards), meaning no expensive VR headsets are required!

A range of content is available, catering for primary, SEND, and early years, meaning no child misses out on experiencing immersive, virtual tours.

Find out how you could use VR in your classroom.

Now you’re an expert on the top online teaching resources!

Utilising these top online resources mean you’ll be delivering the highest quality lessons, and saving valuable time on planning and creating resources at the same time.

With this arsenal of resources at your disposable, you’re ready to bring education into the 21st century.

Discover how VR could help education.