We’re featured in a documentary!

We’re excited to announce that a Seymour & Lerhn project has recently featured in a documentary about The Great Exhibition of 1851!

Hosted by Fran Scott (you may recognise Fran from CBBC programmes such as Absolute Genius, or as the Engineering judge on C4’s Lego Masters), the 30-minute episode features Archivist Angela Kenny from The Royal Commission for The Great Exhibition of 1851 give Fran a walk-through of The Crystal Palace building.

But how can that be? The Crystal Palace burnt down in 1936!

The Crystal Palace

Indeed it did – but thanks to a collaborative project between ourselves, Royal Parks and The Commission for the Great Exhibition of 1851, the Crystal Palace has been brought back to life in immersive 360 VR!

The tour begins as Angela shows us the site of The Great Exhibition, Hyde Park, with the Crystal Palace in-view over the lake.

Angela then takes us to take a closer look at the Crystal Palace, and Fran is amazed at seeing the Crystal Palace with her very own eyes.

We spoke to Fran about the experience of seeing the Crystal Palace in the Virtual Tour, and she has this to say:

“The Crystal Palace is one of those buildings etched into history and it’s one I’ve always wanted to see. I had dreamt of creating a virtual reality of the space and so when I heard that Seymour and Lerhn had done just that I was blown away.”

“Seeing the place for the first time really did send shivers down my spine. You feel as if you are actually there. And we are now all able to completely experience and fully appreciate this wonderful building, that hasn’t existed for the past 80 years! It’s rather mind-blowing.”

You can watch the documentary here on The Royal Parks YouTube channel:

Find out more about the documentary here on The Royal Parks website.

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