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Transport your class back in time and experience life in the First World War trenches for free with incredible 360 virtual trench experiences!

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No Man's Land
Front Line
Poison Gas Attack
Officer's Quarters
First Aid Station
Loads more!

Walk the WW1 Trenches for free!

Designed to meet UK National Curriculum requirements, this tour takes you on an immersive adventure through the trenches, building empathy and developing understanding of the conditions faced by WW1 soldiers, making this a perfect classroom activity to assist with emotive creative writing or themes in British History

Pupils can explore in full 360, or use a Google Cardboard, Homido Grab, or similar low-cost VR headset for even more immersion into the history of the First World War. Listen to stories told by your guide, Peter, as he describes his role and experiences on the front line. 

Walk through a WW1 Trench with 360 video!

Take an immersive guided tour through the trenches with this 360 virtual reality experience of the trenches in World War 1.

Follow along with your guide, Peter, to discover how WW1 soldiers lived, worked, and fought in the First World War trenches.

View across No Man’s Land, explore an officer’s quarters, step inside the first aid field hospital and navigate the wet and muddy trench system.

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What do teachers say?

“… a fantastic resource”

‘It really is a fantastic resource for students learning about conditions in the war and in the trenches – especially for somewhere like Australia where these events are somewhat removed from us.'”

Amanda, Head of Library
WW1 Trenches VR Experience 

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